Science of Identity Foundation Launches 5 Day Sunset Kirtan Meditation Live Video Series

Science of Identity Foundation Launches 5 Day Sunset Kirtan Meditation Live Video Series to help people experience the benefits of Kirtan meditation.

Kirtan Meditation helps relieve anxiety and has a cleansing effect on both the heart and mind. It is recommended for people of any age, race, religion, occupation or income status. By simply engaging in kirtan, one can actually experience inner peace and develop awareness of one's spiritual nature.

Kirtan is the spiritual food we all need.

Kate, Mediation Practitioner

Kirtan is the spiritual food we all need,” said Kate a regular mediation practitioner, who first started participating in kirtan 20 years ago in Poland. “A lot of people I know have this feeling deep down inside of them, that they are missing something. That hunger for more, is a longing for spiritual activity, which we are missing. We just have to uncover it and you can do that with mantra meditation.”

The effect of yoga meditation goes beyond stress relief. People who chant mention more harmonious relationships, increased decision-making ability, overcoming bad habits, increased patience and compassion for others.

Experiencing inner peace through yoga meditation is easy to achieve during the 5-day Sunset Kirtan Meditation Video Series

Everybody who wants to awake and cultivate their inner wisdom and spiritual love can join the sessions on the Official YouTube Channel & Website.

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