Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Discusses the Origins & Essence of Science of Identity Foundation's Teachings

Jagad Guru explains that the Science of Identity Foundation's teachings are 'rooted in the foremost Hindu and yoga scripture, Bhagavad-gita (Song of God),'

When exploring any spiritual path, it is important to understand from where the teachings originate. In other words, are the teachings based on authoritative scriptures and are they being taught by a qualified teacher?  Jagad Guru explains that the Science of Identity Foundation’s teachings are “rooted in the foremost Hindu and yoga scripture, Bhagavad-gita (Song of God),” and that the “essential teachings of the Bhagavad-gita are that individuals should cultivate their love for God, their love for others, and use their lives for the well-being of others, being guided by the Lord within their hearts.”

In this regard, Eastern philosophy is in harmony with the essence of Christianity, which is described in Jesus Christ’s first and foremost commandment to love the Supreme Lord with all of our heart, soul, and mind.

The Science of Identity Foundation was established to “share the teachings and practices of karma yoga and bhakti yoga so that individuals can easily understand, utilize, and apply such teachings and practices in their own personal lives to achieve greater inner peace and happiness, a more purposeful life, and a fearless death.”

So how can a person join the Science of Identity Foundation? Jagad Guru explains that it’s not actually something a person can join. Rather, “yoga is a process of self-discovery and of cultivating your love for God and for all living beings. You don’t need to join anything.” The science of yoga taught by the Science of Identity Foundation is centered around applying meditation practices and yoga wisdom to your personal life. It is a “process of re-discovering your spiritual identity and then living a life based on that realization.”

 Jagad Guru describes that there is a big difference between "sanatana-dharma” and what is often referred to as religion. He explains that “understanding one’s true identity, and understanding one’s relationship with God and one’s love for God, has nothing to do with joining or quitting a particular faith.” In this regard, sanatana-dharma refers to “the truth which exists whether you believe it or you don’t believe it,” and the path of yoga is “a quest to discover that truth.”

Jagad Guru explains thatour true identity is that which does not change, that which cannot change.” It is “beneath our body and all its labels — nationality, gender, color, age, the clubs we belong to, the religions or faiths we belong to, the political parties we may belong to, the family we belong to, and so on.” 

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